Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Therapy Update

Allie is doing really well with her right hand usage and her walking.

She initiates steps pretty evenly with both legs but still doesn't have any sense of balance and the idea that she should support herself by using her hands is a foreign concept.  So, she requires a good deal of support.  I'm just excited for her to realize that we aren't just messing with her and that walking is in fact more efficient than her inch-per-minute butt scooting. 

Check out the two videos below of Allie using her right hand and arm to play with her favorite toy. 


We did e-stim therapy for the first time on Tuesday and it was one of the weirdest thing that I have ever felt.  They put two pad on her bicep and two pads on my forearm.  The idea was that I would be able to feel what she was getting so that I could judge if it was too much for her.  Well, I minded it way more than she did.

It was neat how it helped her bicep flex so that she could more easily bend her elbow inwards.  Allie seemed concerned by it but she was playing cool.  I, on the other hand, did not play it so cool.  The voltage slowly ramped up and at first it just felt like a weird massage pulsating.  Then they turned it up and I screamed.

The woman administering it panicked and asked if it was too high.  I had to think about it; no, it was not too high.  It was just such an alarming feeling that it freaked me out.  Allie looked at me like "Geeze, Mom.  Pull it together!"

We carried on with the e-stim with my hand clinching into a contorted fist with every pulse.  However, Allie was a champ about it.  She used her new found elbow mobility to feed herself raisins and point and laugh at her mom.  I was a sweaty mess by the time our 15 minutes were up and very happy to have the e-stim done.  Allie's therapists explained that some people love e-stim and others hate it.  I am apparently on the hating side of that line.  Allie seems on the fence.  We will try again tomorrow and see how it goes.

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