Friday, May 11, 2012

Pre-Pre-Mother's Day

I got a wonderful Mother's Day gift today from Allie (courtesy of her teachers).

Allie painted the flower pot herself and the picture is of her doing it.  The flower is a pen.  I love it!  She also made me a card filled with her beautiful artwork and adorned with a right hand print.  It is so cool!

One of her lovely teachers gave me some gorgeous homemade soap and a homemade cupcake.  I like Mother's Day!

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  1. Dear Michelle, you deserve the very best of Mother's Days. Any child would be lucky to have you, and Allie is doubly lucky because she really needs an exceptional mother. You have never fallen down on the job and I know how tough it was at times. Have a wonderful day! With love, your proud Mother-in-Law