Wednesday, May 30, 2012

New Word and New Righty Moves

On the way to daycare today, Allie debuted her new word: tree.  She pointed to a tree and declared "teeee!"  Then, every tree got the point and the "teeee!"  I was ridiculously excited and she was very proud of herself.  

I then had a parent-teacher conference and all of her teachers said that she is making fantastic progress in all ways.  They also had some new ideas to encourage her walking; she will now be getting an additional teacher to assist her in walking out to the playground instead of hitching a ride in the stroller.  I think it will be great motivator for her because she LOVES the playground.

Tomorrow is Allie's last day of constraint therapy and I am going to go ahead and call the whole thing a success.  We were doing her homework tonight and Allie figured out how to release an object. This is the first time that she has ever done this!  I never could figure out why Allie could open her hand to grasp something but couldn't open it to let the object go.  Well, now I don't need to wonder about it anymore.  Watch Allie drop her apple puzzle piece in the box without thinking anything about it.  She helped me put away of her puzzle pieces.

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