Saturday, May 12, 2012

Happy (Pre) Mother's Day

In honor of Mother's Day, we would like to present you with some cute (and often embarrassing) photos of our own mothers.  Enjoy!

Bonnie, Jonathan's Mom

Baby Jonathan

Jonathan's response to seeing this picture:  "OH MY GOD!  That was the best book ever!  I wonder what happened to it?"

Jonathan being super happy.  I'm loving the shoulder pads!

Jonathan's college graduation

Communal bath time with Jonathan, Sam (Jonathan's sister), and Bonnie

Jonathan, Bonnie, and Sam in a hammock

Jonathan being the favorite child while poor Sam digs for attention.  The double nostril pick is a good look, Sam!
More Baby Jonathan

Carol, my mom

Not murdering people, just cutting down a Christmas tree with my mom's then-boyfriend's kids

Hanging out after my mom picked me and my friend up from summer camp

My mom, my grandma Marilyn, and me

Posing by the waterfall

Glamor shot

Your guess is as good as mine as to what my mom is doing here.  The green Jeep was a staple of my childhood but I don't remember the "I HEART CRABS" bumper sticker.

Mommy and me swim classes

I think I got too big for this

Being amazed at the Ice Capades.  I remember thinking that my fiber-optic sparkle wand was the world's coolest thing.  I brought it home and played with it until the batteries died and half the fibers broke off.


  1. I feel like a celebrity! Thank you for a wonderful Mother's Day Surprise. Didn't I have the cutest baby boy? Carol, have a great day. You raised a wonderful child. Bonnie