Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Epileptologist Update

Allie visited her epileptologist today and it was a good and bad appointment.

She will be working down on Topamax and will hopefully be totally off of it in three months!  This would be a great thing because Topamax is known to cause grogginess, speech delays, and a loss of appetite;  Allie needs none of these things.

The idea of adjusting her medication is scary but in an exciting way.  On one hand, we don't want to mess with a good thing.  She has been seizure free for nearly three months and it has been a glorious three months.  On the other hand, we have already taken the Topamax dosage down twice so far and each time she has seemed a little clearer.  Here's to hoping for a good thing.
The second and not so great thing is that Allie's peripheral vision on her right eye might be impaired.  We were warned that this could be a complication from the stroke but it is still a bummer.  The doctor held an object in front of Allie to get her attention.  Then, she held her other hand way out to the side and wiggled her fingers.  When she did it to the left, Allie immediately looked at the wiggly hand.  When she did it on the right, Allie didn't look over.  The doctor moved her wiggling hand slowly closer towards the front of Allie's vision and she didn't notice it until it was about half way to her nose.  Bummer.  We will be following up with a neuro-ophthalmologist at some point but there aren't any more conclusive tests that can be done until Allie is old enough to follow instructions and answer questions.

In other news, Jonathan almost got in three car accidents on the 15-minute drive home from the doctor.  It was a tense drive.  

Check out some snapshots from Allie's constraint therapy practice tonight.  She picked up the necklace, waved it around, and then put it in my hand.  It still shocks me when she does something this amazing.

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