Thursday, May 31, 2012

Constraint Therapy is DONE!

Allie finished constraint therapy today!  Can you believe it?

1. Grasping a toy for 5 seconds.  
Initial assessment: She currently has a hard time independently grabbing an object but once she has it, she can hold on to it for a long time.
Final assessment: She has no problem at all holding objects for well beyond our hoped for 5 seconds.

2. Grasping a toy with finger extension and abduction---basically going from a fist to a fully stretched right hand, comparable to how you would hold your fingers out to tell someone you want 5 of something.  
Initial: She is just starting to try to abduct Righty and are really hopeful that therapy will help push her along.
Final: Total abduction!  Sometimes her thumb and index finger only open half-way, but she is completely capable of opening all of her fingers all the way.  

3. Shoulder flexion of at least 100 degrees.  Initial: She has pretty good shoulder flexion but it takes a lot of thought. We hope this movement becomes a little more natural with the therapy.
Final:  She lifts her right arm all the time, with and without the cast.  Lately, we have been asking "How big is the baby?" to which she lifts both arms straight above her head.

4. Consistently reaching to toys placed at midline of body.  
Initial: Allie currently doesn't do this at all.
Final:  She reaches for objects at midline, to her left side, behind her... you name it!  

5. Sustaining grasp on toy and successfully bringing toy to mouth.  
Initial: She can hold an object and bring it to her mouth with Righty, but she does move her head around to help shorten the distance between hand and mouth.
Final: Pssshhhh... no problem!  She doesn't hunch her head over any more and she can even turn her wrist a little lick her palm.

6. Protective extension forward to quick weightshift---see below how the girl's arms both go in front when her therapist pushes her forward.  
Initial: Allie is inconsistent at best on this. She will put her left arm out but usually not her right.
Final: She didn't make a lot of improvement on this one.  However, she has made huge improvements in her overall weight bearing through her right arm.

Overall, we are incredibly pleased with her progress.  We will likely be repeating the intensive constraint therapy in early 2013. 

They have camps for slightly older kids that we might do too when she can.  I saw the current constraint group today and I honestly could not tell that two of the three kids had any problems with using their hands.  They are all kids who have been doing the regular constraint therapy there and it seems to be paying off.

Allie has her aquatic therapy evaluation on Tuesday and I am really excited to learn more about what they do.

The big news for the week is that Allie and Jonathan are going to MN for the weekend for our niece Erika's high school graduation party.  I can't go because I have a work meeting all weekend.  I'm bummed and I'm going to miss them so much!  This is the first time that Allie has traveled with me... sigh, I might just sleep in her room all weekend cuddled up on her pillow crying.  They better send me lots of updates!

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  1. Not to worry, Michelle. We will send lots of photos all weekend long. We have her favorite foods and some new toys too. So wish you could be here too. Love, Bonnie