Friday, May 25, 2012

Auntie Sam and Uncle Blake Visit!

Allie has had a very busy week!

She had an appointment with her physiatrist (physical medicine and rehabilitation doctor who manages all of Allie's physical progress and therapies) this week and she was so pleased with Allie's progress. We talked about aquatic therapy, which is like physical therapy but in the water, and Allie will be giving it a shot at some point this summer.

She also met with her speech pathologist who won't be seeing her again in the near future because she is doing so incredibly well with her talking.  She consistently says the following words now: ball, balloon, bubbles, hat, Allie, clock, and car.  Her constraint therapist keeps talking about how she can't tell if Allie is going to be a total tomboy with her love of cars (she makes the engine noise as she pushes toy cars around) or a girly-girl with her love for bracelets, necklaces, and all things that sparkle.  Maybe a little of both?

Today was Allie's first field trip with her daycare.  We went to the Smithsonian Zoo and I swear there were more parents on the field trip than there were kids.

Allie was really into it at first and was excited to start off at the petting zoo where she got to see some cows up close. 

Then we stopped at a waterfall, which she really liked.  There were some turtles in the pond that required pointing and "DAAAT!" (aka 'that') declarations. 

Then we went to see the pandas and... Allie was out.  She soundly slept through the rest of her trip.  It made me feel better that many of the other kids zonked out too.

After the zoo, we drove up to Baltimore for some constraint therapy.  Allie got to meet a 5-year old in utero stroke kid named Lauren.  She was pretty darn cute and came up and gave me a high five with her affected arm.  She rocked.  Allie had a great session and continues to impress me with her right handed action.  As we were leaving therapy and she grabbed a rope that was hanging from the ceiling with two hands and was pulling on it and shaking it.  Amazing.

Allie slept the whole way home and was SHOCKED to see Auntie Sam and Uncle Blake when they arrived at our home.  She proceeded to fawn at Uncle Blake's hat, which he kindly let her wear.  And, Auntie Sam let her wear her necklace and relax on her lap.  She got to show off all of her new words and had fun making hats out of non-hats by putting anything she could on her head and declaring it a "HAAATTT!"  It was a good night for Allie.

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