Tuesday, April 24, 2012


I lost the cord for our camera and haven't been able to post some cute pictures from the past couple weeks.

Playing with Papa in the park.

Lifting keys with Righty!

Rocking on her horse and holding on with both hands.

Marveling in her new found ability to sit herself up in her crib.

Eating the delicious cupcake that Papa got her.

Gama and Allie on the iPad.

Allie had an interesting constraint therapy session today.  Her therapist expressed some concern about Allie's speech development.  She had talked to one of the speech pathologists about the sounds that she had heard Allie making and they both believe that she should be making more sounds than she is right now.

After the session, I immediately called Allie's Special Instructor (SPIN), who manages Allie's cognitive play and speech development and who just cut down Allie's meeting frequency from every other week to once a month because Allie was progressing so well.  The SPIN said that Allie is delayed in terms of the types of sounds that Allie is making but is ahead of the curve in terms of the number of words hat Allie makes.  She suggested that I talk to our service coordinator to schedule a evaluation with a speech pathologist.  We will have our evaluation within the next couple of weeks.

Allie also is getting an evaluation by the speech pathologist that her constraint therapist spoke with.  More therapy for an already busy girl!

The constraint therapists also suggested that we consider a type of therapy called Electrical Stimulation Therapy, or E-Stim for short.  I strongly suggest that you do not Google this, or if you do, include the word "therapy" in your search.  There are some rather risque images that pop up otherwise!

E-Stim works by sending very minor electrical charges through little pads placed on the skin.  The electrical currents stimulate the muscle to tighten and release, which will build muscle over time.  This could help Allie get a little more functionality out of her emerging motions.  Below is a picture of a kid that got E-Stim at the Kennedy Krieger Institute, which is where Allie is doing her constraint therapy.  She will be getting evaluated soon to see if she is a candidate.   

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