Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!

Allie wants to wish everyone a Happy Easter! We had a really fun day.

The lovely Locke ladies, Abby and Samantha (pictured below), had us over for their family's annual Easter egg hunt. Allie found a couple of eggs and really liked chewing on them. We also got to meet Allie's friends and got a glimpse of her secret social life. I heard about the porch swings that she likes the frequent and hung out with her favorite "big cats" (also known as dogs). It was very cute.


  1. hi its noah! i think allie looks so pretty in her dress! also what was her favorite candy & did you watch watson win the masters?

  2. Hey it's Elliot! Allie looks cute in her pink dress. Could Allie need any more clothes!!!??? My mom got Allie more clothes for her. Is Allie all sugared up on chocolate? Happy Easter! May Allie always be cute.