Sunday, April 22, 2012

Gama and Papa Visit!

Gama and Papa (a.k.a. Bonnie and Tom) came to visit this weekend and Allie had a blast.

They flew into town on Friday afternoon and made it in time to pick Allie up from daycare.  All the kids were playing on the playground and Allie was shocked to see Gama and Papa there.  She started saying "Whoooaaaa!  Whoooaaa!" and making her shocked face.  The photo below is an example of her shocked face (this picture was taken earlier this week before one of her constraint therapy sessions). 

After the initial shock of Gama and Papa wore off, we all went out to dinner.  It was a beautiful night and we got to sit outside in the wind.  Allie LOVES the wind.  She shakes her shabby head of hair in the wind and acts like she's flying.  She got to sample all of our food and throw most of it on the ground.  It was perhaps too windy for the rest of us---Tom and Bonnie's salads were blowing across the table onto my lap---but the food and the company were great and Allie could not have been happier.

Early Saturday morning, we all went to the park and Allie got to show off her swinging and sliding skills.  This, however, was totally exhausting and she got a nice long nap in afterwards.  The rest of Saturday was filled with driving around, looking at cool houses, eating a couple more delicious meals, and hearing all about hats and things that look like hats from Allie.

On Sunday, Allie had her morning physical therapy session, which would have been a great opportunity for Allie to show off all of her new skills.  But, instead, she fussed the whole time.  Her top molars are coming in and it looks like she has two marbles under her gums.  Poor angry baby.  After another long nap, we sat around and watched hockey playoff games on TV.  As you can tell in the picture below, Allie was far more into playing than watching TV.  She kept throwing herself on Gama and Papa and cracking up. 

Can you spot the cat in this picture?  Hint: look for the stink eye.

We were all sad to see Tom and Bonnie leave on Sunday night.  I have many more photos on our real camera but I can't find the cord to connect it to my computer.  Until then, here are some backlogged Allie photos from the past week.

Showing off her teeth.
Practicing slamming the cabinet door, like Grandma Bets taught her.

Perfecting her raspberries while riding a wooden rocking horse technique.  Check out how she is holding on with Righty!

Allie has a repeat EKG and Echo to look at her heart tomorrow.  This is just a check up to make sure that the steroids that she was on didn't do any damage since she has a minor (and very common) heart defect.  She was an absolute doll during her last Echo but we had Papa there to keep her occupied.  This time, it's just me.  I hope that things go well!

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