Friday, April 13, 2012

Back to Constraint Therapy

Allie restarted constraint therapy at the Kennedy Kreiger Institute on Thursday and we are already impressed. I am not sure what it is her therapist does there but it totally works. The picture above is of her waiting to go in to her therapy session today.

We started off Thursday's session with the same evaluation that we did on our first day back in January. I was pleasantly surprised to see how much she has improved since then. It is sometimes hard to see how far she has come until we look at where she was just a few months ago. We had the same checklist to go through for homework and we were able to check off so many more things than we could before. She can now support herself with Righty, open her hand to grab objects, hold on to toys, cross mid-line with her right arm, and move her arm straight out in front of her. None of these things were possible four months ago.

She also had a checkup on Thursday afternoon and her doctor was shocked at how much weight Allie has dropped since the ACTH (she is now back to her pre-ACTH weight percentile) and how talkative Allie is, especially since her stroke completely wiped out the area that would have been her speech and language center. Allie now says the following words: cat ("kaaa-dat"), balloon ("baaaooooon"), mama, dada, ball ("baaooo"), this ("dis"), and that ("dat"). She also says "whoa!" when something surprises her. I liked how her pediatrician asked about what words Allie says: "Does she say any words that you can understand?" I was taking the elevator with a little kid the other day and he was chatting with me and his mother was translating.

kid: "Dooo jeew cake gee chairs?"
mom: "Do you take the stairs?"
me: "Yes, sometimes. But today I am taking the elevator."
kid: "Jewer feed urd?"
mom: "Do your feet hurt?"
me: "No. I just felt like doing something different today."
kid: "Eyy gooo do deeefent arrrk ewdaa!"
mom: "I go to a different park today!"
me: "That's great! We are both doing different things!"

I guess your own kid's mumbling makes a lot more sense than the other incoherent kids out there.

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  1. Yay Allie!!! That is one of the cutest pictures of her! She's so happy :) love you Allie!