Monday, April 2, 2012

Allie's Back at Daycare

Today, after 2 long months of absence, Allie made her comeback at daycare. It was amazing.

When we first walked into the building, she looked totally puzzled. Everyone was coming up to say hello and she didn't seem to remember them. She kept looking at me with a 'what is going on?' expression. Then, we got to her room with her teachers and friends.

She immediately perked up when she saw everyone. She started yelling "Whoa! Whoa!" and pointing at each kid one by one. Then came the hugs and kisses from her friends (see photos below). She was very happy!

A lot has changed in the past two months. Allie now has a little cot that she sleeps on instead of a crib. She gets all the same foods as the big kids and they have a slide in the room to play on. They play more outdoors and have to clean up after themselves. She's growing up!
She had a great day.

Before daycare this morning, Allie had PT and OT. Allie's play skills have really taken off lately. She now will put her toys into a container and roll a ball back and forth with someone. These are notable developmental milestones. Allie's OT got her to drink with a straw after a couple minutes of practice. She said that it was the quickest that she has ever seen a kid learn how to do it. Allie likes doing it the other way too: blowing air into the straw and making bubbles is much more fun than drinking water. From a PT perspective, Allie can now support herself for a little while in quadruped (the crawling position with her hands and knees on the ground). She also tipped over to the right twice during therapy today and caught herself with her right arm both times. It was very possible that right-sided reflexes like this could have never developed so seeing them starting is very encouraging.

Allie starts constraint therapy again next week and we are looking forward to getting all of that going again. She is more strong willed and opinionated than she was when we quit. It will be interesting to see how everything goes.

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