Sunday, March 11, 2012

One month and counting

"No more pictures!"

Allie has had a GREAT week! She is doing more stuff everyday.

She butt scoots and plays. She even banged two toys together (which is a huge developmental milestone).

She has been seizure free for over a month now, is almost down to her new and lower dose of medication, and super alert and chatty.

Now that we are doing more leg exercise such as standing and squats, her right leg seems to be a little weaker than we had imagined it to be. Hopefully the exercise will be enough to catch is up.

I think Allie is excited to get back to daycare and be around kids again. I saw her playing peek-a-boo with a box of Pampers that had a big picture of a baby on it. Poor girl. Three more weeks until daycare!

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