Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Don't forget about Lefty!

Allie had a developmental evaluation through the Children's Hospital a few weeks back. We will be doing this relatively often to make sure Allie keeps progressing as we hope she will. In this past evaluation, she scored above average cognitively, age appropriately for speech, but delayed physically. Jonathan and I were thrilled about cognitive and speech and not too surprised about the physical.

The developmental psychologist noted that Allie is not doing as much with her left side as we would hope. For example, Allie was given a peg that she had to lift up to get out of its holder. Allie didn't quite get that she had to lift up and instead she tried to wiggle it back and forth to get it out. The psychologist explained that this lack of hand-eye coordination isn't surprising because Allie is not able to explore the world as a typically developing kid would be able to.

We have been spending so much time trying to catch Righty up that we hadn't been paying much attention to her left side. We bought her this monstrosity of a toy with lots of parts that move up and down (see above). Allie had no idea what to do with this at first, but she is starting to get it. Today, she figured out how to slide the beads along the wires to make them move.

Other than that, she spent the morning rolling around with her favorite book Minnesota ABC. Between the Dewey Decimal System shirt and her love affair with this book, she sure does seem like a little book worm.

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