Thursday, February 23, 2012

Two Weeks Seizure Free!

One of Allie's teachers stopped by to visit the other night. Allie was so happy! Her teacher made her a book with big pictures of all of her classmates and a poster of Allie throughout her time at daycare. Allie loved it! She flipped through the book, screaming and hitting all the pictures of her friends as she went. It was really nice to see that she remembered everyone.

Allie has also started doing all her therapies again and they are going very well. She has been taking tummy/side time pretty well...

... and is rocking at her sitting on a bench and twisting...

... and standing pretty well with just holding hands...

... and her side sitting is getting more natural.

After a long day, a bath was in order and then off to bed.

It was a good day to be Allie.

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  1. What beautiful chubby cheeks. So great to see her smiling.