Monday, February 6, 2012

Life's still moving

The seizures continue but they are not stopping Allie in all her amazingness.

Here are some of the new things that she has done the past week:
  • Using sign language to ask for milk,
  • Fed me a cracker,
  • Learned to play the xylophone by banging her hammer on it,
  • Beat the hell out of her rubber ducky with one of her toys in the bathtub (banging toys is great---banging toys that are moving in the water is even better),
  • Explored the soap tray in the bathtub, reaching up and pulling on it,
  • Knocking over towers of of toys,
  • Making a clicking noise with her tongue, and
  • Pointing to things with her index finger instead of her whole hand. We read a book where there is a big picture of a pig and the words "Now I kiss you on the nose!" Then, we push the nose and the page squeaks. The past couple times that we have read the book, she turns the page and immediately points to the pig's nose and smiles. Smart girl!
We are still waiting for the ACTH to kick in. It often takes a few days for it to start working (3-5 days seems to be the typical time frame but we have heard of it taking longer and still being effective). She is as bloated as can be and was a little irritable today. We think that means that the medication is starting to do it's thing. It is hard not to get our hopes up too high but we are optimistic.

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