Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Wrist Rotation and Righty Action

Check out how Allie is trying to open the little door and pull off the phone. Before we started doing the constraint therapy, Allie had some motion in her right shoulder but not much else. We have noticed a big difference in her willingness to try to do things with Righty, even without the splint. This morning, I dumped a bunch of toys on her right side to entertain her while I finished getting ready for work. Her first reaction was to try to grab her favorite toy turtle with Righty. She quickly realized that using her left hand would be more productive and she decided to use it instead, but I love that she instinctively tried to use Righty. A little bit later I looked over at her and she was holding out the turtle with her left hand and trying to put it in Righty.

Another thing we are working on is supination (wrist rotation---see the image to the right). To encourage Allie to rotate her wrist, her constraint therapy OT suggested that we put a sticker on her right palm. Sure enough, Allie pulled off a full 45 degree rotation (enough to get a good view of the sticker) and then brought her hand to her mouth to eat it.

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