Saturday, January 7, 2012

Week 1 of Constraint Therapy

This week was the first of Allie's 11 weeks of constraint therapy. Her evaluation was on Tuesday, her splint was made on Thursday, and her first (and only so far) day of therapy was on Friday.

Nothing much was different after the Tuesday session and Allie didn't do much on Thursday. But... when we got home and Allie got to try out her splint, she went crazy with her right hand. She started swatting at toys with Righty, trying to grab them, raking her fingers over objects, opening her fist, and feeding herself. It was amazing! The two photos on the left were taken after about 10 minutes in the splint. It seems like Allie just needs a reminder to use Righty.

I put a graham cracker on the ground and she was trying desperately to pick it up. Much to my surprise, she succeeded! She grabbed it, all be it in a little bit of an awkward grasp, brought it to her mouth, and took a bite!

She makes an adorable concentrating face while she maneuvers Righty and I love thinking about all the brain connections each movement is making.

Friday's session was great in that Allie just played and showed off a lot of her new Righty skills.

After her constraint therapy, Allie went to daycare and one of her physical therapists came to see if Allie would tolerate a PT session there. She didn't love it, but it had been a few weeks since we had seen her and the session was a good reminder of all the activities that we should be doing but had slipped out of our mind.

Allie's PT did have some encouraging words: she said that Allie's recovery is the most impressive recovery that she has seen in her 16 years of doing physical therapy.

As a testament to how amazing Allie is doing, I submit the following photo of her holding her own bottle. Note that she is doing it with just her right hand. Way to go Allie!

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