Saturday, January 7, 2012

Water Babies with Daddy

Today Allie had her first morning of swim class called "Water Babies". It will be a 6 week long course at the local county swim center taking place on Saturday mornings from 10:20 to 10:50. Jonathan will be in the water with Allie for all of the classes, hence the "with Daddy" in the title of this post.

Allie's first reaction was exactly the same as when we get in the tub for her bath time at home: delight. She very much enjoys being in the water and had no problems getting all the way in (as long as Jonathan was holding her, of course). When the class started the instructor had us do...

1) Get in the water up to the shoulders.
2) Get ears wet.
3) Rest head on parent's shoulder to float on backs (keeping chins up).
4) Roll over in the water to float on tummy with chins up.
5) Hold onto the side of the pool (Allie had trouble with this, more on that in a minute)
6) Get used to moving through the water forward and backward.
7) Sit on the edge of the pool and go in and out several times.

To get the kids comfortable in the water a lot of floating toys were thrown into the pool when the kids got past step 2 in the above sequence. Allie spotted a green turtle and tried to make a run for it. We got to it before the neighboring baby did and she would not lot go of it for the remainder of the session, hence why she had a hard time holding onto the edge of the pool!

Towards the end of the lesson Jonathan could tell she was getting tired of being in the water. Whenever he would take away the turtle she would begin to pitch a fit. Even with this it was all-in-all a good first lesson. We are looking forward to next Saturday!

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