Friday, December 2, 2011

Back in the Swing of Things

It has been a busy couple of weeks.

We went to the Bay Area for Thanksgiving to visit my family. Allie was a lap baby but we got lucky on the way there and she got her own seat. We weren't so lucky on the way back and she got a bit fussy, but that's OK. She got some good family time in.

Allie's therapy routine is getting changed up. She has started to do supplemental PT and OT through Children's National Hospital. We had her first PT session this week and Allie really liked the therapist. Allie will also be starting Special Instruction (known as SPIN) probably next week. SPIN is like a precursor to speech therapy because kids don't usually start working with a speech pathologist until they are about 2 years old. So far, Allie is not showing any substantial delays in speech but many kids with in utero strokes have speech issues. SPIN is a playful way of addressing any issues that might crop up.

We are also considering an intensive therapy in Baltimore called constraint therapy. Allie would have a cast put over her left arm so that she has to use her weaker right arm. Here is a cool video of a young girl who did a similar program in Birmingham, Alabama.

The Baltimore program is with the Kennedy Kreiger Institute. They have done a preliminary insurance evaluation and it looks like our insurance will cover the otherwise very expensive therapy. We found out that our insurance plan covers 100% of habilitative services, which means that they will cover absolutely anything that is "medically necessary" for Allie since her stroke happened before she was born. Allie is currently on the waiting list with Kennedy Kreiger and will be going in for an evaluation within the next 2 weeks. Allie's new OT has a now-18 month old patient who recently did the Kennedy Kreiger program and the she was overwhelming impressed at the progress that kid was able to make.

Here is some information about the Kennedy Kreiger program, if you're interested.

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  1. Jonathan and Michelle, I've watched that video many times myself and until you mentioned it I never saw the seizure either. You didn't even know what to look for. You have been exactly the parents that a child with Allie's problems need. I'm so proud of all three of you. And the apple video IS adorable. Love, Gama