Friday, December 30, 2011

Allie pulled up to standing!

Allie was feeling a little rambunctious when Jonathan and I picked her up from daycare. She was laughing hysterically as we dramatically swerved her stroller around on the way home. We usually try to cram a bunch of exercise in when she is this happy because she thinks we are just playing with her. We started with tummy time and she rolled over from her tummy to her back a few times. Then, she held herself in a one-handed (Righty) plank off of my lap as she played with a light-up music board with her left hand. An abbreviated game of "let's go get it!" followed where we put a toy off to her right and she puts her weight on Righty to lean over and grab the toy with her left hand.

Then came the sit-to-stands. She starts on a little Allie-sized bench and works on building leg muscles by sitting on the bench and repeatedly standing up and sitting down. Either Jonathan or I usually sit directly behind her helping support her. Tonight, we put her toy walker that has a nice handle bar in front of her when she was sitting on the bench. Without hesitation, she reached up to the bar with her left hand and pulled herself right up. She continues to amaze me!

An update on the constraint therapy: Allie gets her formal evaluation on Tuesday. We were told that this will be a several hour event where they will do lots of tests to see where she is at physically and do different measurements of her limbs and hands. Assuming they don't find her to be unsuitable for therapy (which I doubt she will be), she starts the program on Thursday!

In other news, the head-shaping helmet is working out great. It finally fits properly and we are starting to see a little more roundness in the back of Allie's head.

Daddy and Me swim class starts next weekend. I'm excited to be the observer in this activity.

And, Allie's therapy schedule is getting adjusted so that her PT and OT through the Children's Hospital will be on different days. She currently has both sessions on the same day and the picture to the left is what she looks like after them.

What you can't easily tell is that she is vertical, wrapped in my sweater (which I am also wearing) in 40 degree weather while we wait for a bus to go home. I think separate sessions will help her not be so exhausted during the latter session and hopefully help her get more out of the whole experience.

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