Tuesday, November 22, 2011

When Chickens Fly

First off, these pictures have nothing to do with how our day has been. They're just cute pictures from Halloween that I never posted.

Today was Allie's 9 month checkup with her pediatrician. It seems silly to have a "checkup" when we are seeing a doctor nearly every week, but it was nice to see a doctor without an urgent medical need. At one point, the pediatrician was looking in Allie's right ear and Allie shoved her away with Righty. Way to go Righty!

Allie's Stats:
Weight: 17lb 9 oz (23rd percentile)
Height: 28.25in (70th percentile)
Head Diameter: 90th percentile

It appears as though we have a big-headed skinny baby.

Speaking of her head, Allie also had a helmet adjustment today and has been excused from wearing the helmet for the rest of the day. She has a red spot about the size of a dime that needs to go away before she can wear the helmet again.

Lastly, Allie got some more blood work done today. This is her third (and final) set of massive blood work to try to figure out why the stroke happened. So far, everything has come back fine and we hope this goes the same. We really want the stroke to have been a fluke and not something that she has to worry about recurring for the rest of her life.

We are off to the Bay Area tomorrow to spend Thanksgiving with my family. Let's hope that our 5.5 hour flight with a lap baby goes well!

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