Monday, November 7, 2011


Welcome to Allie's new blog! Jonathan and I are shocked at how quickly she is growing up and are so unbelievably impressed at how much Allie's hard work is paying off. We are glad that we can share some of her journey here with you.

As you know, Allie suffered an in utero stroke sometime around the end of her second or beginning of her third trimester. She didn't show any real signs of it for months! When she was about 4 months old, we started to notice that she was using mostly her left hand to reach for objects. After a few months of being assured that she would even out and that she was just a "strong lefty", her pediatrician told us that she suspected Allie might have a Cerebral Palsy and recommended that we get an MRI. The MRI identified the stroke and Allie's recovery began.

Allie now gets weekly physical therapy (PT), weekly occupational therapy (OT), and intermittent massage therapy. She also has a completely packed schedule with other doctor's appointments and specialists to help her on her way. Because she isn't very mobile, Allie's head is getting flat in the back. She will be getting a helmet (medically known as a D.O.C. band) next week to help her head grow into a more symmetric shape.

In Allie's free time, she enjoys eating new foods, throwing new foods on the floor, watching the cats, unpacking her toys from boxes, listening and dancing to music, shaking her head no, and playing with her friends. Her current favorite toy is Penny, a pink rabbit puppet that Papa gave her. Her favorite songs are "Row Row Row Your Boat" and "Wheels on the Bus". And, her favorite time of the day is bath time when she gets to splash around and get Mommy and Daddy very wet.

Below are some pictures and videos of Allie so far. For many more photos of her first couple months, click here:

Month 1 -- Napping in her bouncy chair

Month 2 -- Hanging out on her changing table

Month 3 -- Playing on her play mat

Month 4 -- Jumper!

Month 5 -- Allie waking up and Allie laughing at Daddy

Month 6 -- Squats

Month 7 -- Bye Bye Daddy!

Month 8 -- Playing with the spiky ball

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