Thursday, November 10, 2011

Miss Personality

I left town this morning for a business trip, and am already missing the family! I have about 5 hours of my train ride ahead of me, so I started looking though old photos of Allie.

I think my favorite pictures are the ones that capture a little bit of what she is thinking. Here are some of my favorites:

"OK, so, I know that you have a hard time finding hats to fit me, but is this really what we are doing now? Why am I wearing a hat meant for someone twice my age and why is it still snug? But, on the plus side, I bet the ear flaps are going to be delicious!" (8 months old)

"I said that I was tired. I said that I didn't want to do any more exercises. I told you that I was hungry and that I had a long day being a chicken for Halloween. WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT FROM ME?" (8 months old)

"I'm going to touch the cat!!! Braahahahahhhhaaaaa!" (8 months old)

"If you have to put a sweater on my head to keep me warm, you probably should have just packed me a hat." (8 months old)

"These workouts are exhausting!" (8 months old)

"I look like such a grown up in Daddy's hat!" (8 months old)

"What are you looking at?" (7 months old)

"Really, Grandma? Really?" (7 months old)

"Come on, Mama! Just because I can stand, it doesn't mean that I want to stand! Give me some help here!" (7 months old)

"OK... OK... I'm at the big kids' table now... DON'T MESS UP! DON'T MESS UP! What are the other kids doing? Am I doing it right? Must stay focused!" (6 months old)

Enjoying Daddy's company. (6 months old)

"Why can't I just live on my changing table?" (6 months old)

Three-way staring contest. (5 months old)

"What is THIS?!? Is it going to bite me? Am I going to bite it? What is going on? Ekkk!" (5 months old)

"If I sit in my chair and look adorable, Mama lets me stay in the chair. I'm going to stick with that plan for now." (5 months old)

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