Monday, November 14, 2011

Good Update

Allie was not very happy having to do occupational therapy this morning. The second she made eye contact with the OT, she cried. And then cried. And cried some more. Needless to say, not much OT happened today during her session. Allie's therapist, however, recommended some exercises for her to do when she is in a better mood.

One of Allie's new exercises is to hold herself up on the step in her bedroom. She loved it! I think her favorite part was that the cats came up to visit during it.

This is Allie getting used to the new routine.

At the end of the OT session, when Allie finally stopped crying, her OT said that she was incredibly impressed with the improvements that Allie has been making. She said that Allie has made more progress than she had hoped for. Allie is starting to feel her left hand with her right hand and is continuing to reach out for objects with Righty. So, even though no OT was done during OT, it was still a useful session.

On a final note, Allie got through the wait list for additional physical therapy at Children's National Hospital. We start on Wednesday. She also gets her helmet this Thursday. She's a busy girl!

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