Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Adventures in Eating

Allie has been getting pretty creative in her eating habits lately. We have been trying in vain for months to get her to drink apple juice out of a sippy cup, but she hates the idea of it. The second the weird sippy cup spout touches her mouth, she flips out.

Today, I discovered a secret. Turns out that Allie is just fine drinking the apple juice directly out of a regular cup. Check out her exploring the world of grown up cups (I apologize for the cinematography on this one)

Allie's favorite treats are graham crackers and her PT suggested that we put some in a spill-proof snack cup so that Allie can get some practice practically using two hands. The idea is that Allie will hold the handle with her right hand and reach into the cup through a weird rubber lid with her left hand to get the treat. This is a work in progress.

Believe it or not, she eventually managed to get one out. However, she was cheating a little and found a way to put the cup down on her bench and then she could reach in without the use of Righty. I can't blame her for trying.

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