Saturday, February 24, 2018

Botox, Round 6

Valentine's Day marked Allison's sixth round of Botox.  Jonathan was traveling that week for work so her Papa came into town to help out. 

Everything went really well.  She passed some time making valentines for all the nurses and doctors. Her physiatrist got a special "righty" valentine written with her right hand.  She's still a dominant lefty but she really likes practicing with her right.

She spent the afternoon at home recouping and was well enough to go to her class Valentine's Day party with a Papa escort.  She felt very special.

Her physiatrist mentioned that even though Botox is working well for Allison now, we may want to consider a tendon lengthening surgery in the future as a more permanent treatment.

She also noted that her leg length discrepancy has increased and her right leg is about a centimeter shorter than her left leg.  She suggested that Allison start being followed by a orthopedist who can track her bone development more closely.  If the discrepancy gets much larger, it may be helpful for the growth on her left leg to be stunted (likely by constricting the growth plates in that leg) while the right one catches up.  We are meeting jointly with the orthopedist and physiatrist next month.

Thanks again to Tom for making the whole day possible!

Allison is 7

And just like that, our little girl is seven. 

She thought she'd start her birthday by trying on her "coming home from the hospital" outfit. It's a tad bit small.

Her Gama and Papa came to town to help celebrate (and help us with her big birthday party).

Before we knew it, ~40 of her friends and their parents were at our house.  

We had a great time.

Happy birthday to our not-so-little girl!

Saturday, January 6, 2018

It's Winter... Already?

The past couple months have flown by, probably because there was so much stuff going on.

I'm Andrew's Hand!

First up, Thanksgiving. My mom came into town and the kids loved playing with her.  Jonathan did a great job with Thanksgiving dinner and we were lucky to have some dear friends join us for dinner as well.  Andrew enjoyed making forts and hiding from all the food.  

We jumped from Thanksgiving straight into Christmas preparations.  Grandma was really good at setting up the show village.

And the tree.

The kids promptly started their extensive Christmas gift list.

We had work Christmas parties...


Andrew requested a bat, aka a black butterfly. 
Grandma Bets came out for Allison's Grandparents Day at school. This was the look on Allison's face when we told her Grandma Bets booked tickets.  (We were on the way to my work's kids Christmas party.)

Next was Jonathan's birthday.

And ice skating.

Girl Scout cookie season began...

Batman followed us around the mall...

And the kids celebrated several snowfalls!

Andrew went to a gym birthday party and, for the first time, he didn't hate it. 

Allison had her first piano recital.  She did such a good job getting up in front of everyone and playing.

Jonathan and I discovered an indoor play space that has a bar. The genius of this has blown me away.

Christmas was fantastic.  The kids got lots of amazing gifts and we hosted dinner with friends.

A couple days later, Gama and Papa came.  The kids rejoiced.

Then came my birthday, with Andrew stealing all the Oreos off my cake.

We celebrated New Years at some friends' house.  We almost made it to 10pm before Andrew started begging to go home.

The kids went back to school only to have a cold snap and snow fall cancel school.  They weren't too sad about it.

Andrew broke a personal record and slept until 9am this morning.

For now, we are huddling indoors and planning our summer plans.  I'm sure that will be here before we know it.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Hello Fall

Our fall is flying by!  Allison's soccer season came and went.  She really enjoyed the whole experience and can't wait for the spring season to start.

Andrew's favorite thing about soccer was the selfies.

Andrew and Jonathan went to Diggerland for a friends birthday.  They got to operate heavy machinery and, really, what could be better?

Andrew had his first ever school field trip to the pumpkin patch.  The hay ride and sandbox filled with corn were particularly fun.

At home, Allison found out where we keep the candy...

we've been fighting off various illnesses...

 and we've been trying to take it easy, whenever possible.


Even Maisie the cat has been upping her relaxation game.

Allison and I went camping with her girl scout troop and had a great time hiking and playing with everyone.

The biggest adventure so far this fall was driving over 10 hours each way to Georgia for the wedding of Allison and Andrew's cousin Erika.  It was a long drive but the kids did great.

We put together a prize box and the kids could pick out a toy for each hour they were good.  It really helped break up the hour as they waited to chant "PRIZE BOX! PRIZE BOX! YEAH YEAH YEAH!"

Spending so much time with family was very nice.

And Allison loved being the flower girl.

We got back just in time for Halloween.  Andrew was still a little concerned about the whole thing, but he rallied and went trick or treating.

I had a nice night too.

The kids have had lots of birthday parties.

We've been catching up on our dentist appointments.

And, the kids are already compiling their Christmas wish lists. 

Hooray for Fall.